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Here are our Frequently Asked Questions!

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us. 

1. What is gold filled jewellery? 

Gold Filled jewellery contains a solid layer of gold 5 to 10 times thicker than gold plated jewellery. It is heat bonded to a base metal, such as sterling silver or copper in our collections. Gold Filled jewellery is more precious due to its higher gold content! A gold filled piece contains 5% of solid gold.  It is perfect for sensitive skin due to its durable, high gold composition and tarnish resistant nature.  

2. Can I wear my jewellery in water? 

Yes you can! Gold filled jewellery is tarnish resistant. However it doesn’t mean it is invincible! Still be mindful to take care of your jewellery but using a soft cloth to dry them after getting wet. 

3. How do I extend the life of my jewellery? 

Keep them safe when you aren’t wearing them in an airtight container or even a snap lock bag! Wipe clean and keep dry after being exposed to oils, perfumes, makeup, detergents, soaps and water. Just like your plated and solid gold jewellery, gold fill does experience hardship over time. 

4. Where do you ship to? 

We currently ship around Australia and offer pick up for locals. Please email us if you live internationally and we can work out a custom shipping arrangement for you! 

5. Do you make custom pieces? 

We can create custom pieces using our base charms and hoops. Feel free to email us with any custom ideas and requests. Subject to availability and additional fee may apply.

6. Is your jewellery suitable for sensitive skin? 

Yes! Check the description of each piece however all our gold filled jewels are hypoallergenic! Lead and Nickel free which will be comfortable for your skin. The high solid gold composition minimises tarnishing and limits your skin turning green!